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Dominos pizza is a pizza brand that pioneers the pizza industry in Turkey with 643 branches. By combining this experience with the digital world, it continues to make new developments to enable its users to order pizza quickly.

ATP is a company under the Ata Holding umbrella that specializes in providing order screens, kiosks, and online channel management services for restaurants. Its services enable restaurants to efficiently manage their ordering processes, both in-store and online, enhancing customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

360Sağlık by Doğan Holding, introducing a health platform that facilitates access to services and enables home treatment opportunities without wasting time. It does not only saves time but also enhances the overall patient experience, making healthcare more accessible and convenient.

Homeless Chef, located in Istanbul's lively Karaköy district, is a culinary destination where the charm of street flavors meets affordable luxury. Homeless Chef aims to evoke a sense of comfort and delight with its delicious street-inspired dishes.

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Hayat Finans reached us with the goal of creating an internet branch where its users can access 24/7 without any problems, and where they can easily perform their transactions anytime and anywhere.

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Otelz is a leading platform that facilitates hotel bookings and reservations. It serves as a marketplace where users can browse and book accommodations from a wide range of hotels, resorts, and other lodging options.

RUUF is a platform that introduces an innovative approach to homeownership, blending rent and installment payments to alleviate financial stress for users. Its mission is to make homeownership financially accessible for everyone.

Coffy is a coffee chain renowned for its high-quality beans sourced from Colombia and Ethiopia, and its unique pricing policy. Offers a diverse range of coffee and fresh food items, all available at a single price point.

Multinet, a leading meal card provider, serves businesses of various sizes, offering solutions to streamline their meal card operations. One of Multinet's key strengths lies in its flexibility and scalability, allowing businesses to tailor their meal card programs to meet their specific needs.

Established in 1998, is Turkey's first and leading travel portal, pioneering the online travel industry in the region. Renowned for its comprehensive travel solutions, has revolutionized how people explore and book their travels in Turkey.

Onedio is a digital media platform that curates and delivers engaging content across various topics such as news, entertainment, lifestyle, and culture. It offers a mix of articles, videos, quizzes, and interactive content to entertain and inform its audience.

Burger King is a global fast-food restaurant chain renowned for its flame-grilled burgers, fries, and other quick-service menu items. It aims to provide convenient, affordable, and satisfying dining experiences for customers.

Tab Gıda is a leading food and beverage company in Turkey, known for its wide range of products including snacks, beverages, and packaged foods. It operates a network of restaurants and cafes under various brands, offering convenient dining options for customers.

Fizbot Sales Navigator is the sales management platform specifically designed for real estate offices. It enhances the speed and follow-up of consultants while allowing offices to seamlessly track, measure, and manage performance.

TrueFeedback is a transformative platform that converts data into tangible value through its blockchain ecosystem. By harnessing the power of blockchain technology, TrueFeedback ensures secure, transparent, and efficient data processing.

Connexease is a comprehensive SaaS solution that consolidates messages from multiple communication channels into one platform, enabling businesses to respond to customers from anywhere, at any time.

Datarul is a start-up that provides data governance solutions and grows with its own resources, aiming to facilitate the data management processes. The company's innovative solutions ensure that organizations can efficiently handle, secure, and utilize their data.

Hotel Forex is a holiday platform that simplifies finding the perfect accommodation within your budget. Users can request price quotes for hotels, allowing them to compare and choose the most suitable option for their vacation.

Brancsight is a comprehensive Digital Marketing Platform designed for multi-location businesses, offering innovative and effective solutions to streamline their marketing efforts.

Morla Moves is a dynamic fitness platform that empowers users to engage in guided exercise sessions with high-quality videos led by professional trainers from the comfort of their own home, at any time.

Smartmind specializes in high-quality data engineering solutions, aimed at understanding businesses and their data. Their data engineers create actionable insights to help elevate a company's potential.

Icerikmatik is a content creation platform that helps businesses generate high-quality, customized content for their marketing needs. It offers a range of services including blog posts, articles, social media content, and more, tailored to fit specific brand voices and goals.

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